Hussy Hicks: Sailing the Same Boat in a New Direction

Nevertheless Journal Hussy Hicks

By Montana Lowrey

Hussy Hicks, the dynamic duo of Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker, have conquered the last decade of the Australian music industry with their unique blend of folk, blues, country, and roots.

Their emotive lyricism, energetic live shows, and fiery instrumentation have captivated audiences all over the world, earning them a devoted following and appearances at some of the biggest blues and roots festivals in Australia, the USA, and Europe.

It's been over a decade since Hussy Hicks first formed, and the band has undergone quite an evolution since then.

According to Leesa, the duo’s vocalist, they started out as "a joke band" with a name that they never thought would stick. But stick it did, and the band has been going strong ever since. Their music has since evolved, into their own blend of folky blues.

One defining characteristics of Hussy Hicks is their love of touring and interacting with a live audience.

"When we're on stage we’re in this zone, it's like nothing else exists,” says Leesa.

“It's this really special thing that is hard to replicate in any other way. I think that's why I love performing so much because it's this feeling that you can't really get anywhere else."

When it comes to their creative process, Hussy Hicks takes a unique approach when writing and recording their music. As Leesa explains,

"I'm not that disciplined at just sitting down and going, ‘Okay, I'm just gonna sit here and write’."

Instead, the duo often finds inspiration in unexpected places, with Gentz grabbing a guitar and playing around with melodies that come to her in the moment.

Nevertheless Journal Hussy Hicks

"I'll walk around, grab a guitar, knock out a few keys, and the melody comes out," she says.

But this organic approach to songwriting doesn't mean the band doesn't have a plan.

Throughout the year, the duo collects their ideas and brings them together when it's time to work on an album.

"I'm good at working to a deadline," Leesa says.

"I'll gather all my little ideas and put them together, then they become fully formed songs."

This combination of spontaneity and discipline is evident in the band's music, which is a blend of roots and blues that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Amongst their success, Hussy Hicks have faced their fair share of adversity but have always managed to come out on the other side with resilience and determination.

Nevertheless Journal Hussy Hicks


To be continued...

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