Nevertheless is a seasonal print magazine and online community sharing the stories of women and their persistence, passion and purpose in life. It’s a fresh and intimate look into the lives of others, with the intent to inspire and help shape the lives of others.

We share stories about innovators and disruptors, adventurers, nurturers and people who inspire and create. Unlike traditional women’s magazines, Nevertheless is for slow reading, contemplative moments and for coming back to the pages again and again.

In each issue we look to include a mix of content styles including long-form interviews, shorter profile pieces, practical how to guides and activities for women, book reviews, photographic essays and anecdotal first person accounts.


We welcome story ideas that fit within our vision. We're looking for:

  • Articles of substance that come from conversations with inspiring women
  • Long-form pieces that have breadth, depth and detail
  • One tone is intimate, and we seek the truth in its purest form. We encourage humorous anecdotes and cathartic recollections in equal measure
  • We seek out stories of those who challenge the status quo, have taken unexpected paths, break the glass ceiling, work in male dominated industries, create and innovate, and give back to their communities
  • We highlight women outside cities and metro areas (rural, regional and remote)
  • Our content is a mix of stories of ordinary women who do extraordinary things, and higher profile women who inspire us with their achievements
  • We are especially tuned into those who persist in the face of adversity, and will aim to give a robust platform to refugees, the LGBTQIA+ community, migrants and women of colour, and those of all abilities
  • Science, sustainability, activism, community and inclusion are all words that get us listening

We welcome both photographic and written submissions of either finished work or pitches. If sending only a pitch, please include clippings and/or portfolio samples of previous work.

Email our editor Natalie O'Driscoll with all of your editorial submissions: 


Rural stories & photography

We're looking for writers and photographers from regional areas of Australia (outside of major capital cities) to collaborate with for upcoming stories in Nevertheless. 

We have paid writing and photography opportunities and we're looking for talented women and non0binary folk to work with. 

If you'd like to be involved, please email Natalie O'Driscoll: 


Nevertheless Journal Submissions