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There I Am: Finding body peace through photography
Words by Bronwyn MitchellPhotos by Marina Meier Towards the end of 2022, after three exhausting years of surviving not only a pandemic but also enduring tiresome diet-culture fearmongering around ‘covid kilos’, I was fortunate enough to join a group of...
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Janine Hendry: The tweet that spawned a movement

On 25 February 2021, Melbourne activist Janine Hendry sent out a tweet asking people to form a ring around Parliament House in Canberra, in order to protest the Morrison government. 110,000 women and their allies marched around the country under the banner of March4Justice, and their voices were heard around the world.

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Meet the lady behind the linen

Meet Courtenay McCue: The vibrant emerging artist behind our one-off, original Nevertheless tea towel. Courtenay’s design is inspired by the indomitable, outspoken and rebellious Brigitte Bardot, one of the earliest sexually liberated women in popular culture (and a babe to boot!)

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